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I’m not a ‘stockpiler’… I’m an impulse buyer with a really bad memory.

…and before anyone tosses their head and tuts loudly in condemnation, I must explain that our current accumulation of grocery items happened well before this crisis.

I can’t resist a good deal, so when our supermarket of choice has offered ‘3 for 2’ on this or ‘BOGOF’ on that I’ve never been one to refuse their generosity, especially if it’s an item we would regularly use or consume anyway. I freely admit to never pausing for a moment’s thought as to whether we already have a sufficiency of said items, or even if I had succumbed to the identical offer the last time I was in store.

It’s a bargain…that’s all that matters to me.

When we returned from our holiday to Norway at the beginning of February certain countries close to China were closing their borders and most of the world were banning flights to and from the region. The UK had only just confirmed its first case of the virus and WHO had published and released a ‘Preparedness and Response Plan’. There didn’t appear to be any indication of the ensuing catastrophe so on my shopping trip the day after our return there was no thought of anything other than getting essentials and, of course, a bargain or three.

Anyway, the long and short of it all is that when we started to practice ‘Serious Social Distancing’ just over 2 weeks ago there were certain items in our store cupboard we’re happy to know will probably not run out…but then I’m not sure we can live entirely on frozen peas, pickled beetroot, salad cream, tonic water (slimline of course) washing up liquid, tomato ketchup and Jaffa Cakes. At least we have plenty of wine and gin to help us forget any hunger pains in the ensuing weeks.

Stay safe and please…stay at home, protect our NHS, save lives.

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Thank you for taking the time to drop in, I have the virtual kettle on, would you like virtual tea or coffee? As an aspiring writer I gain inspiration from people and life, both of which never cease to amaze me in so many different and often wonderful ways. I have always tried to follow the 'Life is for Living and not Worrying' school of thought, but have failed miserably and nowadays I spend my time worrying about how much living I have actually missed out on. Please accept that everything I write is done with my tongue firmly wedged in my cheek and one eye winking furiously. No offense is ever meant.

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